21 apr 2016

Next Shows with Quartetto Capodoglio

This Saturday (23/04) and next Wednsday (27/04) I'll play soprano sax + fuzz with QUARTETTO CAPODOGLIO.

24/04 - Ca.Co. Fest V - Bari (IT)

27/04 - Free Flow Festival 2016 - Altamura, Bari (IT)


14 mar 2016

HysM?Duo - Small Universes (Double cdr OUT NOW!)

Me and my friend Jacopo released this double cdr on 29th of February.

On cd 1 you will find a long collage of old improvisations.
On cd 2 you can listen to All Impossible Worlds (our previous album), remixed and altered by three friends of us: Paolo Cantù, Andrea Caprara and Superfreak.


9 mar 2016

Next Gig!

the day after tomorrow 
solo set with L.B.B. and deTesta @ Eliogabalo (Fasano, BR)

2 feb 2016


My newest album is out under HysM?
The first chapter of a long tale (I hope!)

I collaborated with Garage Olimpo! to a split album with The Big Drum In The Sky Religion
Under HysM? too

We started working to new songs with HysM?Duo, for our next album.
Waiting for a track to release a double remix/out-takes cdr. Out on February.

Other news soon!

30 set 2015

Caserma Session

A great meeting with other three great musicians: Dario Nitti, George Hadow, Luiz Rocha.
Long live Caserma Rossani!

Ultranormal for A-B-normal project

A small work of mine in the A-B-normal project!
Soon Available on tapes (C20)

9 ago 2015

HysM?Duo Next Shows!

13/08 - Circolo Arci Aggarbato, Taranto [+Laogai]
17/08 - *secret*
30/08 - CSOA Scuria, Foggia [w/Fuzz Orchestra]

16 giu 2015

"Try/Give Up" is out!

Some time ago I announced this work I was working on.
Well.. It's out!
It has been released on cdr by HysM? and Swollen Avantgarde!

Soon I'll give you some pictures, now enjoy the listening!

You can check it on Discogs.

1 mag 2015

Stefano Spataro's next show!

Sunday, 3rd May 2015 @ Circolo Arci Aggarbato (Taranto, Italy)

Start 22:00
Free Entry