Solo albums:


Try/Give Up

Solquest Is Dead (But I'm Fine, Thanks!)
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Solo albums as Solquest:

In Spite of Black Clouds Over Me, I've still got a Rainbow in my Hands (tape, Hysm? + Lemming rec. + Lepers Produtcions)

I Get to Live in Your Past (cdr, Nillacat, 2011)

The Blind Town (cdr, A Beard of Snails, 2011)

Music for Particles Suspended in a Fluid (freedownload, Sfint Records, 2010)

Live @ Hotel de Ville (cdr, Self Produced, 2007)

 Fiare Vechi (cdr audio/video, HysM?, 2008)
watch: I - II - III - IV - V

Private (freedownload, Lepers Productions, 2007)


Caserma Session

Quartetto Capodoglio, The Shape of Sperm to Come (cdr, HysM? + Lepers, 2013)

Solquest + Diofarfalla, abecedarium OPUGUSOVYHT (cdr, Silent Novels, 2010)

Solquest + Diofarfalla, Harassment (cdr, HysM? + Whosbrain recs. + Respira, 2009)

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coming soon...

Obsolete Solo albums:

Green Dust (demo cdr, Self Produced, 2006)
Atomik Age (demo cdr, Self Produced, 2006)
Sphera (demo cdr, Self Produced, 2005)

With HysM?Duo:

All Impossible World (LP, HysM? + others, 2014)
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Science in Action (LP, HysM? + others, 2012)
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Vorstellungen (tape c30, A Beard of Snails, 2011)
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[HysM?Trio] Live @ Farm (cdr, HysM?, 2011)
How to Hypnotize (your Friends) (cdr, HysM?, 2010)
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Disco Blu (mini-cdr, HysM?, 2009)

With Bokassà:

Paraponziponzipò (12" one side, w/Maybe I'm..., HysM? + others, 2013)
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Summit (cdr, HysM? + Lepers Produtcions + Lemming records, 2011)

With Occhio Trio:

# (cdr, HysM? + little room rec., 2010)

With Ada-Nuki:

Ada-Nuki (cd, Whosbrain Rec., 2008)
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